Frequently Asked Questions

Is This a Franchise

No. We do not charge a franchise fee or have “rules” that must be followed contractually. We offer all the benefits of a franchise. Like a franchise, we have proven systems for success and everything that you would need and we let you build your brand.

Can I Sell Under the Calico Name?

We don’t brand our products so you can. Since 1964, Calico has focused on letting retailers build their own brand. Backed with products that meet the highest levels of food safety and quality standards. Rest assured that an investment with Calico will be a rewarding investment in your own reputation and success.

Why Should I do Business With Calico Versus Other Manufactures?

Being in the retail solutions business since 1964 has kept us evolving and innovating where so many others have failed. We understand the retail landscape. We are more than the products we sell, it’s the totality of what we do that sets us apart from other manufacturers. We like to think of ourselves as the best kept secret that most people have tasted and loved. But you don’t have to believe us, check out what our customers have to say.

What Types of Businesses Does Calico Support?

Calico Cottage supports a vast array of business types, such as Independent Retailers, Grocery stores, Large Chain Retail, Destinations and Attractions, concessionaires, and many more. We work with all business types, no matter your business, Calico has a solution that will work for you.

How Many Locations Do I Need to Have to Take Part in the Calico Cottage Programs?

There is no minimum location requirement. Calico Cottage has a retailing program that will work for you no matter how big or how small.

If I manage a Chain of Stores, Am I Required to Have All Locations Participate in the Program?

No, there is no requirement for your entire chain to participate. However, we are happy to run a proof of concept test with a selected pilot group of stores if you are considering additional locations.

I am Not Sure What Industry Segment I Fit Into. How Can I Understand Where I Fit?

You don’t need to fit into one category. If you don’t see your business type, contact us and we’ll help to determine how we can help you. Reach out to discuss your needs with one of our customer success advisors.

Does My Business Need to be Direct to Consumer?

No. We work with retailers, wholesalers and distributors.

What is the Profit Margin on Fudge?

Margins can be up to 70% or higher.

How Much Space Do I Need to Sell Fudge?

You will not be restricted by size. There are Calico Cottage programs that will fit within your retail space. Speak to one of our Customer Success Advisors and we will customize a plan that meets your needs.

Do I Need to Get Certified by the Health Department?

Rules do vary locally, we encourage you to ask your county Health Department for the specific requirements in your area. . A Customer Success Advisor can provide further guidance and walk you through general Health Department requirements.

Do I Need to Server Fresh Food to be a Fit For Calico Cottage's Programs?

No. Not necessarily, our programs are specifically designed for any and all retail environments that either feature fresh foods made on-site or traditional hard retail that are looking to infuse a new and exciting impulse item into their stores.

Do You Offer Training For Me and/or My Team?

Your success is our success. This is part of the Calico difference. Not only do we help you implement a proven business solution, we also work with you on an ongoing basis to help you maximize your potential. We are your small business solutions providers.

How Quickly Can I Get Started?

That’s really up to you. We’ll be ready to go when you are and we’re available to answer any of your questions in the meantime.

I'm Ready to Sell Fudge, What Can I do Next to Get Started?
Why Should I Sell Fudge?

There are many reasons to partner with Calico Cottage; being able to offer your customers high-quality gourmet fudge is one of the reasons. To best understand the benefits of a Calico partnership, it helps to understand your business type. Start here and if you still have questions, let a Customer Success Advisor provide you with the details you need to understand if a Calico partnership is right for you.

What Food Quality and Safety Standards Do You Follow?

We meet or exceed the toughest quality and safety standards in the confectionery industry. Calico Cottage is the only manufacturer of fudge mix ingredients to hold the globally recognized Food Safety for Manufacturing certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI). In fact, less than 1% of all food companies in the USA achieve this level of food safety, systems and processes! The SQF Program is recognized by retailers and food service providers across the globe who demand and value a rigorous food safety management program.

Could we sell our products without SQF certification? Sure. However, we choose to do things differently. We haven’t been in business for more than 55 years by skimping on quality or by not putting the concerns and needs of our fudge retailers and their consumers first. We’ve always held ourselves (and our suppliers) to the highest possible requirements, and that includes adhering to the most formidable food safety standards. Calico’s allegiance to food safety means that our fudge retailers can consistently deliver a superior-quality, great-tasting product that consumers can safely enjoy.