Insights From Calico

We have our finger on the pulse of retail so we can continually share key observations and shopping trends. Discover these insights, as well as ways to overcome common challenges facing today’s retailers. 

Defy the Ongoing Retail Apocalypse: Keep Customers in Your Stores with Experiential Retailing

Brick-and-mortar retailers are the foundation of the retail economy. However, if they are to thrive in the online shopping era, they need to offer shoppers more than great products. They need to offer a unique shopping experience.

Grocery and Specialty Food Stores Must Evolve to Remain Profitable

In our white paper, The 5 Biggest Threats in the Food Retail Landscape and How to Handle Them, we give you the practical tactics you need to combat the most significant threats to your business.

Is Online Shopping Hurting Your Business?

If so, you are not alone. Online shopping is having a negative financial impact on brick-and-mortar stores everywhere. In our white paper, 5 Ways Your Small Business Can Use Experiential Retailing to Thrive in the Online Shopping Era, we present you with real solutions that help you keep customers coming back to your store.

Looking to Boost Per-Capita Spending?

We’ve examined the entertainment and recreation space and have come to some important conclusions regarding how to increase per-capita spending. To learn about what we recommend you do, download our free white paper, What Can Attractions Do to Reverse the Weak Per-Capita Spending Trend?