Customer Story

A Booming Business, Thanks to Fresh Fudge

By carefully applying Calico’s Fudge Retailing Program, one retailer’s sales have grown 38% a year

I want to thank you for giving me a great birthday present - the Calico Cottage Fudge Retailing Program. I have reached the first milestone in what will hopefully be a long career in the fudge business. In just five weeks, I produced 1,000 lbs. of fudge.

Since we opened, I’ve tracked our sales growth. We have been growing at an average of 38% a year – that ain’t bad! This year, we got whacked with extreme fire danger, a closed road and all sorts of things. Thanks to our fudge sales, we’ve recouped our losses. Taking a look at weekend sales comparisons, we recently had a weekend when we were up 30% in sales over any other weekend for the past five years. Much of our increase in sales has to do with selling fudge.

The Calico Cottage Fudge Program works if you apply it correctly – which we do. We’ve had effective training and clear guidance every step of the way. I’ve read the Setup Guide three times and have followed it to the letter. We put a “Fresh Fudge” sign on the highway to draw traffic. I have an antique, knotty pine display with a glass top that fits in with the barn’s décor. Our fudge display is beautiful and always filled with 16 flavors. When people line up to pay, they’re standing right along the fudge display. They can see the variety of flavors and smell the wonderful aroma. The scale is positioned properly and the display is in line with the cash register, so fudge is easy to sell and serve.

I had concerns about getting into the fudge business because I felt it was a huge investment. But, I’m not concerned now. As a matter of fact, we’re doing so well that I have plans for turning my location into a signature fudge destination.

Old Apple Barn 
Bill Niffenegger