Anthony Montoya

Position: Maintenance Mechanic

Although Anthony lives locally, he has property in North Carolina where he enjoys its scenic beauty, in addition to his cats, goats, and chickens (who lay colorful eggs in shades of brown and blue). In Anthony’s off-hours, he still enjoys working by doing electrical work for family and friends. He likes to do household chores and repairs, as he is very handy. In fact, his wealth of knowledge has led others to call him the Wikipedia of homeowner improvement. During his downtime, Anthony spends time with his fiancée, plays football with his son, hangs out with friends and family, especially when it comes to relaxing in his hot tub. He enjoys binge watching Netflix — he’s a crime buff who likes documentaries and Law & Order SVU. When Anthony was younger, he traveled all over during the time his father was in the Coast Guard. At that time, he was captivated most by New York. He also likes being out west and names San Diego and Idaho as favorite destinations. A visit to Spain for the food and culture is on his bucket list. His motto is: Take it day by day! Hands down, Mint Chocolate is his favorite fudge flavor.